Annie’s Gluten Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar


Annie’s Gluten-Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar – Ready to eat food is popular for a long period of time. They not only save our time but also end our hunger faster. But our main concern is gluten-free food that you can eat without caring about anything. So we are here with other gluten-free snacks that you can enjoy eating.

One of the brands is Annie’s which is providing with gluten-free snacks that you eat without caring about gluten allergies. Annie’s is one of the loved brands in the market. People love to eat their tasty products. One of their products available in the market is Gluten-Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar.

Annie’s Gluten-Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar

Rice Pasta & Cheddar is made up of gluten-free rice pasta and real cheese from cows milk which is not treated with rBST. The product is made up of no artificial flavors, no synthetic colors, and no preservatives. Annie’s only source non-GMO ingredients.

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Annies-Rice-Pasta-Cheddar-Gluten-Free-Snack-nutritionAnnie’s Gluten-Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar Nutrition Facts

If you care about Annie’s gluten-free Rice Pasta and Cheddar nutrition you can have a look.

Each package of 57g provides with serving of 220 Calories.

Annie’s Gluten-Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar Ingredients

Rice Pasta (white rice flour, brown rice flour), Tapioca Starch, Dried Cheddar Cheese (Cultured Pasteurized Milk, Salt, Non-Animal Enzymes), Nonfat Milk, Corn Starch, Organic Coconut Oil, Whey, Butter, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Cultured Whole Milk, Sunflower Lecithin, Sodium Phosphate, Annatto Extract (for color), Silicon Dioxide (for anticaking)

About Annie’s Homegrown

Annie’s Homegrown is a maker of natural and organic pasta, meals and snacks owned by General Mills in Berkeley, California. The company was founded by Annie Withey and Andrew Martin in Hampton, Connecticut. They previously founded Smartfood popcorn along with Ken Meyers.

The company is best known for its macaroni and cheese product line which comes in the shape of shells and rabbits. It is the second best selling macaroni and cheese in the United States.

The company also products Annie’s Naturals which consists of condiments, dressings, and barbecue sauces. Annie’s in January 2012, introduced a line of certified organic rising crust frozen pizzas.

On April 3, 2014, Annie’s opened their first bakery manufacturing plant. They purchased it from Safeway Inc. for $7.4 million located in Joplin, Missouri.

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