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Culver’s Gluten-Free Menu, Gluten Free Restaurant

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Culver’s Gluten-Free Menu 2021 –You might be bored eating the same food for lunch. You might want to change your eating pattern for a bit. But gluten allergies might ruin your plans. Don’t Worry! Culver’s had a good number of meals that you can eat from their menu. You might not be disappointed today if you want to eat something good.

Culver’s Gluten-Free Menu 2021

Culver’s have various food items on its menu that you can eat to your heart content. But do take care of what you eat.

Many people have questions in their mind regarding Culver’s gluten-free menu such as: 

  • Are Culver’s cheese curds gluten-free?
  • Are Culver’s fries gluten-free?
  • Does Culver’s have gluten-free fries?

The Culver’s menu below might solve your problem of searching your favorite meal.

Culver’s Gluten-Free Butterburgers & Sandwiches

  • They do offer Gluten-free buns (double-check the ingredients and do ask for gluten-free)

Culver’s Gluten-Free Meats

  • Grilled Chicken
  • Prime Rib
  • ButterBurger® Patty
  • Corned Beef
  • Bacon
  • Beef Pot Roast

Take care of cross-contamination as they may share same fryers to cook meat.

Culver’s Gluten-Free Salads (no croutons)

  • Cranberry Bacon Bleu Salad with Grilled Chicken
  • Chicken Cashew Salad with Grilled Chicken
  • Strawberry Fields Salad

Culver’s Gluten-Free Concrete Mixers

  • Vanilla Concrete Mixer made with Reese’s®
  • Chocolate Concrete Mixer made with Snickers®
  • Vanilla Concrete Mixer
  • Vanilla Concrete Mixer made with M&Ms®
  • Raspberry Concrete Mixer
  • Chocolate Concrete Mixer made with Reese’s®
  • Vanilla Concrete Mixer made with Snickers®
  • Strawberry Concrete Mixer
  • Chocolate Concrete Mixer
  • Chocolate Concrete Mixer made with M&Ms®

Culver’s Gluten-Free Condiments

  • Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce
  • Steak Sauce
  • Mustard, Spicy Brown
  • Yellow Mustard
  • BBQ Sauce
  • American Cheese, Slice
  • Tartar Sauce
  • Honey Mustard
  • Shrimp Cocktail Sauce
  • Picante Sauce, Mild and Medium
  • Ketchup
  • Horseradish Sauce
  • Bacon, 2 Slices
  • Mayonnaise Packet

Culver’s Gluten-Free Sides

  • Crinkle-Cut Fries
  • Green Beans
  • Applesauce
  • Cole Slaw

Culver’s Gluten-Free Sundaes

  • Fudge Pecan Sundae
  • Turtle Sundae
  • Banana Split
  • Caramel Cashew Sundae

Culver’s Gluten-Free Soups

  • Potato Au Gratin
  • George’s® Chili Supreme
  • George’s® Chili
  • Baja Chicken Enchilada
  • Broccoli Cheese

Culver’s Gluten-Free Cones & Dishes

  • Chocolate, Dish
  • Vanilla, Dish

Culver’s Gluten-Free Salad Dressings

  • Ranch Dressing
  • Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing
  • Chicken Cashew with Grilled Chicken
  • French Dressing
  • Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Honey Mustard
  • Strawberry Fields Salad
  • Cranberry Bacon Bleu Salad with Grilled Chicken

Culver’s Gluten-Free Frozen Custard (no cone)

  • Chocolate Frozen Custard
  • Vanilla Frozen Custard

Culver’s Gluten-Free Handcrafted Beverages

  • Strawberry Shake
  • Mint Shake
  • Strawberry Shake
  • Mint Shake
  • Mint Chip Shake
  • Vanilla Shake
  • Raspberry Shake
  • Lemon Ice Cooler
  • Chocolate Shake
  • Culver’s Root Beer Float

Culver’s Gluten-Free Toppings

  • Chopped Hershey® Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Creme® De Menthe
  • Culver’s® Chocolate Syrup
  • Mango Fruit Infusion
  • Maraschino Cherry
  • Marshmallow Creme
  • Salted Caramel Topping
  • Snickers® Candy Bar Pieces
  • Sprinkles, Blue and White
  • Heath® Toffee Chunks
  • Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups
  • Peanut Butter
  • Blueberry
  • Butterscotch
  • Cashew
  • Culver’s® Hot Caramel
  • Culver’s® Hot Fudge
  • M&M® Minis
  • Peach
  • Pecan Halves
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry, Sliced
  • Wild Cherry Topping
  • Butterfinger®
  • Banana
  • Whipped Topping, Extra Creamy
  • Peanuts, Dry Roast Seasoned
  • Almond
  • Andes® Creme De Menthe Thins
  • Blackberry

Culver’s Gluten-Free Drinks

  • Dr Pepper®
  • Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea
  • Fresh Brewed Tea
  • Strawberry Mirinda®
  • Tropicana® Fruit Punch
  • Tropicana® Light Lemonade
  • Chocolate Milk, Low Fat
  • Diet Dr Pepper®
  • Mountain Dew®
  • Diet Mountain Dew®
  • Diet Pepsi®
  • Pepsi
  • Wild Cherry Pepsi®
  • Tea, Hot
  • Milk, 1%
  • Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi®
  • Culver’s® Diet Root Beer
  • Culver’s® Root Beer

Culver’s Gluten-Free Seasonal Items

  • Chocolate Concrete Mixer made with Snickers®
  • Lemon Ice Cooler
  • Mint Chip Shake
  • Vanilla Concrete Mixer made with Snickers®
  • Vanilla Concrete Mixer made with Reese’s®
  • Strawberry Fields Salad
  • Lemon Ice Smoothie
  • Lemon Ice

Culver’s Gluten-Free Lemon Ice

  • Lemon Ice Cooler
  • Lemon Ice Smoothie
  • Lemon Ice

For more information on Culver’s gluten-free bun and to know more about Culver’s gluten-free bun ingredients visit Culver’s official webpage and for Culver’s allergens menu visit here.

About Culver’s

Culver Franchising System, Inc., doing business as Culver’s, is a casual fast-food restaurant chain. It is a privately owned and operated restaurant chain  that operates primarily in the Midwestern United States. Culver’s opened its first restaurant in Sauk City, Wisconsin in 1984. The current headquarter of Culver’s is located in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. As of June 24, 2021, the chain had 710 restaurants in 25 states.

History of Culver’s

George and Ruth Culver started their fast-food careers as the owners of an A&W on Phillips Boulevard (U.S. Highway 12) in 1961. They purchased a resort-styled restaurant at Devil’s Lake called The Farm Kitchen in 1968. After quitting their jobs and selling their restaurants, George, Ruth, Craig (their son) and his wife Lea opened the first Culver’s Frozen Custard and ButterBurgers on July 18, 1984.

In 1988, the Culver family were approached about franchising a restaurant in nearby Richland Center. Franchisee decided to walk away a year later when he decided that don’t want to be a part of restaurant business, as he had invested very little of his own money.

As a result of this experience, Culver family set new standards of franchising procedures.

Between 1993-1997, Culver’s began to expand its operations in Midwest. It further expanded beyond the Midwest between 2006-2011.

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